Are you new to firearms and ready to begin your education? Or have you been around firearms and want to expand your skillset? Shooter's World has a wide variety of courses that range from Beginner to Advanced, and our team is ready to assist you on the journey. Explore your options below and get a feel for what training opportunities await. When you're ready to ask questions or enroll, we're here to help. Stop in or drop us a call.

Responsible gun ownership begins with education.

Shooter's World offers a wide selection of education for shooters of any level.  If you're unsure of where to begin your education journey (or even if you're just looking to save money), we recommend you view our Armed with Education discounted training packages for a step-by-step recommendation.



Custom Training Packages
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Not sure where to start? Or, maybe you want to save $?

Check out our Armed with Education offerings to look at our recommended education journey and see how you will save money too!

Armed with Education discounted training packages provide class bundles, including one for beginners and another for more advanced students.  Learn More Here >

Frequently Asked Questions

We require the payment upfront to reserve the spot for you.

The membership benefits are only for the members - they are non-transferable.

The membership benefits are only for the members - they are non-transferable.

Students wanting to skip the beginners' classes require an evaluation from one of our instructors. You can also provide a certification from your previous shooting experience. If, after the evaluation and the instructor says that you’re not ready to move forward to our advanced classes, you have to start with our beginner classes, Private Instruction or Handgun 1.

We require payment upfront to reserve a spot for you in a specific class you want to take. We suggest signing up weeks ahead to make sure that there's an open spot for you. After signing up, make sure you set a reminder for yourself as well but expect a call from us 2-3 days before the class so we can confirm your attendance and give you the class requirements.

We have classes for kids starting at age 4. Children's gun safety is for ages 4-9 — it's a 1-hour safety class and shows them what they can do when they see firearms around. We also have the Family Handgun class; you can take this with your kids ages nine (9) and above.

We offer Private Instructions — you will be one-on-one with the instructor, and the curriculum is custom based on your needs.

We also offer Handgun 1, a beginner group class focusing on basic use, safety, and proper handling and loading firearms.

Yes, make sure you inform your instructor. However, if we have the exact firearm you have in one of our rentals. You can use the rental to shoot with the other students simultaneously.

The AWE card is already a discounted price of $199 bundled with three classes — CCW, Handgun 1, and Handgun 2. The $30 coupon from your gun purchase can be used for training classes, while the membership discount can be used for training classes and private lessons.

Yes! You can purchase the AWE online or go directly to our online store, Upon purchase, we will process your order and send you a confirmation email stating where you can pick up your AWE card. You can sign up for the classes by responding to the confirmation email, calling us, or in-store when you pick up your order.

You can purchase the AWE online, in-store, or over the phone. However, you can only sign up for the classes over the phone or in-store. We have yet to offer online sign-ups for AWEs.

Absolutely! If you took the class with one of our instructors or us, you could still purchase the AWE card.

Our Family Handgun class is catered mainly for couples or parents with kids. For single-shooters, we have Handgun 1 and 2 for you!

Yes! If you wish to focus on tearing apart and cleaning your firearm, you can do that in class! We offer a private lesson. It's a one-on-one lesson, and the curriculum will be based precisely on what you want to focus on.

This class is $75/per person for an hour.

You can check the Private Instruction dates on our online calendar. However, we have yet to offer online sign-ups for Private Instructions. You can call or come to the store, and we can help you with the available date and times.

Yes! The rate is $75 per person per hour.

Our CCW class is a 4-hour sit-down informative class that goes through all the laws and legalities of owning a firearm in Arizona, filling out the application form and fingerprint cards, and fingerprinting. After the class, we give you a packet with everything that DPS requires, and you need to put in a $60 money order or cashier's check, which goes directly to DPS. They will process your application and send you your permit within 4 weeks to 6 months.

The CCW permit comes directly from AZ DPS. After submitting your application, the process usually takes about 4 weeks to 6 months. We only do the class and fingerprinting.

If you are in possession of a medical marijuana card or a user of any controlled substance. In that case, per the State of Arizona, you are not eligible for a CCW. However, you may still attend and complete the course for its knowledge.

Renewing your CCW permit should be done 90 days before or 60 days after the permit's expiration date.

If you're within the timeline, you can go to the website to renew your permit for only $43.

You must submit a new packet if it's expired for more than 60 days. You can check for the requirements and fees.

A CCW permit is optional to take our other classes. It is a good start, but it is not required.

Have questions?  We're here to help.

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