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There are just a few easy steps to purchasing your first firearm.
(Plus, see our Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of this page.)



There are many ways to begin the process of selecting a firearm, but there is no better way than to visit a professional. Our team is knowledgeable, friendly, and courteous. We'll ask you the right questions and take the time to listen because we understand your goals and expectations all lead to fitting you with the most appropriate firearm. Additionally, many of the guns we recommend are available for rent on our range, therefore allowing you to try before you buy.  It's the only way to start your journey.



Starting this process requires you visit us in-person.  You'll need to bring your valid Arizona Driver's License with you, which must have your current residentail address.  If it doesn't have your current address or you do not have a valid AZ Driver's License, please call us for guidance.

A background check is submitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigations through its National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). Upon successful completion of the background check, which we call a "Proceed", you are ready to take posession of your first firearm.



Upon successfully passing your background check, you are authorized in the state of Arizona to purchase your first firearm.  But, this is just the very start of your journey!  Read about our recommendtions on Education & Training below.



Education and training go hand-in-hand. We recommend you enroll in a series of fundamentals based training classes and learn the basics of firearm handling and manipulation. We recommend interested students purchase our highly discounted "Armed with Education" training card. Learn more here.

Becoming familiar with your firearm requires practice too. Visit our climate-controlled indoor range. Our Range Safety Team is available to assist and answer your questions during your visit. Additionally, we've taken extra measures for your health & safety, ensuring our range (and retail) space is sanitized multiple times daily.

Why purchase your first firearm from Shooter's World?


Our team loves what they do and they do it well. You'll never be mistreated or made to feel uncomfortable. We promise.


We have a wide selection of firearms that fit your exact needs. In fact, we even have over 100 firearms available for rent so you can try before you buy.


When you purchase a firearm with us you can choose between 1 free range pass ($30 value) or a $30 education certificate!

Frequently Asked Questions

A valid Arizona state ID or driver’s license with the purchaser’s current address.

If the state ID or DL does not have the purchaser’s current address, state or federal issue documents with the current address will be needed.  These are acceptable:

     - AZ Vehicle Registration
     - AZ Game and Fish License
     - AZ Voter’s Registration ID

All documents must be valid and show buyers full name, including suffix (if applicable).

Age Requirements:
Individuals aged 18 may purchase long guns, not pistols and receivers.

An individual aged 21 may purchase long guns, pistols, and receivers.

An Arizona resident that does not have a felony or violent misdemeanor.

Permanent residents are also allowed to purchase firearms. We are federally required to make a copy of the Permanent Resident ID (Green Card) for the purchase.

Individuals that have a Medical Marijuana Card are unable to purchase firearms per Federal law.

A CCW permit is not required to purchase a firearm, although having one streamlines the process of purchasing a firearm.  Consider taking our CCW course and learning more of its benefits here.

Yes, as long as the firearm is being gifted (not sold) and the family member recipient is NOT a prohibited possessor (i.e., a felon with a violent misdemeanor record). Make sure to create a bill of sale to note that the firearm has been transferred. Private transfers do not require an FFL.

Yes, as long as the firearm is being gifted (not sold) and the family member recipient is NOT a prohibited possessor (i.e., a felon with a violent misdemeanor record). Make sure to create a bill of sale to note that the firearm has been transferred. Private transfers do not require an FFL.

In many cases, the process takes anywhere between 10 to 45 minutes, depending on how fast the FBI works for the background check. However, the FBI can defer a NICS background check by placing it into a delay status, which may last up to an additional three days before providing a final decision.

Additionally, per the Bipartisan Safer Community Act, the FBI requires a 10-day waiting period for anyone under the age of 21.

Yes. It is a $59 transfer fee for non-members and $25 for members. However, we do not transfer firearms to other FFLs. We only receive firearms for transfers.

Please call us for details.

We will be glad to assist you in-store. Our gun counter staff can assist with finding a good quality firearm within your price range, and you can physically check the firearms as well.

Our gunsmith moves between our store locations. You can email to set up an appointment.

Yes, you can! We require your name, phone number, email address, and the specific make and model of the firearm you are looking for. We will contact you regarding your special order if the firearm is in stock or not, and payment will be over the phone. A special order will be fulfilled within two weeks from payment. No current deals or discounts apply to special orders.

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There are only a few easy steps to purchasing your first firearm.
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